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Alex Finberg

Waxed Canvas Tool Roll ~ Chisels & Gouges ~ Blue

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Waxed Canvas Tool Roll 
Handmade in Devon

Premium Waxed Canvas 
Dark Blue
13 Pockets 
Perfect for smaller chisels and gouges 

Waxed Canvas Tool Roll 
The perfect solution for storing chisels and gouges. Handmade in Devon from premium waxed canvas in beautiful Dark Blue colour, these rolls give your tools a secure and loving home! 

13 main pockets give you opportunity to carry 13 or more chisels and gouges. Each pocket is 30mm wide, making this roll versatile for carrying a range of chisels and gouges with a blade width under 1".

This makes the pockets ideal for chisels and gouges with a blade width up to 7/8 of an inch or 22mm in width 

The canvas is hardwearing and water resistant to protect your treasured tools 

Height: 35cm
Width: 44cm
11 slots: 4cm width (1 1/2 Inch width)