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Alex Finberg

Waxed Canvas Tool Bag 3.0 ~ Chestnut

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Tobolka Tool Bag 3.0
Handmade in Devon by Tobolka Bags

Premium Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas (Made in UK)
Chestnut Brown Colour

1 main compartment, 10 Pockets (+Pencil Slots)
Sturdy woven carry handle 

Tobolka Tool Bag 3.0
The perfect solution for storing your carving tools and rolls.

Our latest update on this ever popular Tool Bag features a range of design tweaks, including a deeper bucket, added outer pockets and slightly wider carry handle. 

Handmade in Devon from premium quality heavy duty canvas in a special range of beautiful Chestnut Brown, this bag gives your tools a secure and loving home! 

The Tobolka Tool bag 3.0 has 1 main compartment for storing your tools. For example, it has ample space for 3 standard size tool rolls, 2 axes and a folding saw, and an adze for good measure!

There are an additional 10 pockets around the outside plus 2 dedicated slots for pencils and one ruler, ample room for storing a phone, sharpening stones, tea bags, first aid -  plasters, you name it!

The bag features a sturdy woven carry handle which can be carried over the shoulder or simply carried in the hand. The bottom is padded and double layered waxed canvas to keep your tools dry and protected on wet ground. The canvas is heavy duty and will go the distance in storing and protecting your tools

Customer Reviews:
I want to write to thank you again for my beautiful Tobolka bag. I’ve been traveling the last couple weekends and was so happy with how easy it was to throw my carving tools into the bag and have everything I needed so beautifully organized while on the road. It is such a pleasure to use and such a treasured keepsake. Thank you again! - Cooper 

Height: 28cm
Width 24cm
Circumference: 80cm