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Alex Finberg

Waxed Canvas Large Bag

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Waxed Canvas Large Bag
Handmade in Devon by Tobolka Bags

Premium Double Lined Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas
Olive Green / Padded Grid 

1 main compartment (25 Litres), 1 zip pocket 
Sturdy woven carry handle for heavy duty use 

Canvas Tool Bag
The perfect solution for storing your tools and equipment 

Handmade in Devon from premium heavy duty canvas in beautiful Olive Green with padded grid patterning, this bag puts all your essentials into one large compartment: chuck them in and go! 

This is the perfect sized shoulder bag with a 25 Litre capacity for storing your every day items, tools, beachwear, picnic, tools - you name it. The bag also has 1 inner zip pocket for keeping essentials secure. 

The sturdy woven carry handle can be carried over the shoulder or simply carried in the hand. The bag is padded and lined with heavy duty waxed canvas to keep your essentials dry and protected on wet ground. 

Ideal for campers, picnickers, bushcrafters, hikers and woodworkers alike! 

Height: 30cm
Width 40cm at Base / 62cm at Top
Depth: 23cm

25 Litre Capacity