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Alex Finberg

Vintage Kent Pattern Axe 'Neverblunt' No.2

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Vintage Kent Pattern Axe  
Forged by Spear & Jackson UK

High Quality British Steel 'Neverblunt!'
750 gram head / 12" Ash Haft
Razor Sharp Convex Bevel

About the Axe 
A restored vintage Kent pattern axe by Spear & Jackson with 12" Ash handle and razor sharp convex bevel 

This is a top quality vintage axe, restored to a high standard perfect for spoon carving, bowl carving and green woodwork. 

The edge retention of this steel is unrivalled, perhaps 'Neverblunt' being a tad optimistic but this axe will hold its edge extremely well! 

Gilpin History

William Gilpin was an English tool manufacturer in Cannock, north of Birmingham. The firm operated 2 works near each other, Churchbridge Works and Wedges Mills. Gilpin operated from as early as 1834 to 1946

 These chip chop axes were forged in the early part of the 20th century from British Steel and were sold as carpentry and utility axes. They are renowned today for their high quality of steel and versatile carving 

Axe Safety

*This axe is extremely sharp, sharp enough to shave with! Please take care whilst handling and hanging this axe.

** You must be over 18 years of age to purchase this item. Age verification will be required before the item can be dispatched.