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Alex Finberg

Vintage Drawknife by Whitehouse & Sons

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Vintage Drawknife by Whitehouse & Sons 
Forged in Cannock, UK

High Quality British Steel: Hollow Ground 
9" Cutting Edge
Razor Sharp Bevel

About the Drawknife
A restored vintage drawknife by Cornelius Whitehouse & Sons of Sheffield offering a razor sharp edge which will be easy to maintain  

The edge has been reground with hollow grinds on both the front and back bevel. This offers a razor sharp edge which can be maintained quickly and easily with regular stropping and sharpening. The hollow grind on the back of the knife will help prevent a wear bevel developing and will save you hours of sharpening in the long term. 

This is a top quality vintage tool with superb edge retention. The handles are firm and free of damage or woodworm, though there is a hairline crack in the base of one as pictured. 

This is an excellent vintage tool, superior than the mass produced drawknives available on the market today. 

Corneluis Whitehouse & Sons History

Cornelius Whitehouse & Sons were edge tool manufacturers with works at Bridgtown, Cannock in Staffordshire, England. The company was founded in 1869 and at its height employed over 300 workers. It was famous for its high quality hedgehog branded tools

Tool Safety

*This drawknife is extremely sharp, sharp enough to shave with! Please take care whilst handling 

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