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Alex Finberg

Vintage Axe Restoration Kit - Handle your own!

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Vintage Axe Restoration Kit
Axe Head Forged by Gilpin in Cannock, UK

12" British Elm Handle
Ash Wedge 
Razor Sharp Convex Bevel

Vintage Axe Restoration Kit
There are few things as satisfying as handling your own axe! Carving your own handle from beautiful British Elm and make an axe which give more than a lifetime of carving 

This is a top quality vintage axe head, restored to a high standard with a razor sharp convex bevel, perfect for spoon carving, bowl carving and green woodwork. 

The handle is beautifully figured British Elm with good grain orientation for a solid handle.


Carve the handle to your desired size, cut the kerf and wedge securely and you'll have an axe to be proud of. 

Axe Safety

*This axe is extremely sharp, sharp enough to shave with! Please take care whilst handling and hanging this axe.

** You must be over 18 years of age to purchase this item. Age verification will be required before the item can be dispatched.