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Alex Finberg

Sycamore Shrink Pot - Oak Gall Blue

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Sycamore Shrink Pot
Hand carved with T Auger, Gouges, Hook Knives

From Sycamore  
Carved in South Devon, UK 
Finished with Linseed Oil & Oak Gall Ink
Dimensions: H: 11cm x W: 10cm

Sycamore Shrink Pot
Shrinkpots are truly magical! To carve a shrinkpot a section of freshly cut tree trunk is hollowed out and a dry hardwood base is inserted into the base of the trunk, as the  greener wet wood dries it shrinks forming a seal around the base and a pot is born!

Shrink pots have endless uses, this size lends itself to storing dry goods like tea, coffee, sugar, salt or used for trinkets and treasures.  

The lid is reclaimed mahogany with an elm finial. The pot has been finished with linseed oil and oak gall ink.  Oak Gall Wasps infect English oak trees by laying their eggs in various parts of the tree and the tree responds by producing abnormal growth around the egg and developing larvae which is the gall. (They look like small round wooden balls on the end of twigs) These galls have a high tannin content and it is this feature which has led to their use in the manufacture of inks and in this case used as a wood stain. 

Where Did This Shrinkpot Grow?!
Little Rowden Forest Garden, Noss Mayo, Devon, UK
What 3 Words: beaters.refutes.upwardly
Latitude: 50° 18' 13.2228" N
Longitude: 4° 2' 4.848" W

Little Rowden Forest Garden were thinning a row of sycamore trees which border their patch of land in order to plant native species. Sycamore are a non-native species and have a tendency to dominate and crown out other species. So the stand were felled and replaced by native trees which will grow into a living hedgerow.

Shrink-pot Care:
This shrinkpot is designed to be used with dry goods. 

To give the pota new lease of life from time to time you can add a coat of Tung oil, flax oil, walnut oil (careful of nut allergies) or linseed oil, but this is not essential.