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Alex Finberg

Scary Sharp Hook Knife Sharpening Kit

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Scary Sharp Hook Knife Sharpening Kit

Scary Sharp Hook Knife Sharpening Kit

  • 4x 16mm Dowel Sticks: 1000, 2000, 3000, 5,000, 7,000 Grit
  • 2x 16mm Hardwood Dowel Strop (Coarse & Fine)
  • 1 MDF Flat Strop (Fine) 
  • Includes step by step Hook Knife Sharpening Instructions 
  • Can be used on virtually all curved edge tools 
  • Takes curved edges to hair popping sharp! 

Scary Sharp Hook Knife Sharpening Kit
The scary sharp kit will sharpen edges of virtually all hook tools and curved edge tools by hand to a razor sharp edge. From small hook knives with tight radius' to large adzes and curved gouges

Work up from 1000 grit all the way to 7000 grit, and then strop with coarse and fine strops and your knives will shine and slice just how they should 

If you are looking to give your finished pieces a beautiful crisp finish, look no further this kit will put a hair poppingly sharp edge on your hook knives. I use this kit on my finishing knives and curved gouges and it works beautifully. 

The kit contains detailed step by step instructions on hook knife sharpening.

The sharpening sticks can be refreshed with a refill pack of the highest quality abrasives. Checkout the sets available in the drop down menu