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Alex Finberg

Restored Vintage Brades 6" Handforged Froe

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Vintage Brades Froe
Hand Forged in Olbdury, UK 

6" Blade with 10" handle
Premium Ash Haft, with Linseed Oil Paint Handle
Condition: Restored, Excellent

A froe used for cleaving and splitting wood for spoon carving and green woodwork.

I have lovingly restored this vintage froe, reground the spine and bevel, given it a new Ash haft with red linseed oil paint stain so it will never get lost in the woods, and a sheath to protect its edge

The beauty of this froe is the tapered eye has been forged to wrap around to the blade, making it inherently strong and beautiful, unlike many modern welded iterations. 

Perfect size to put in a spoon bag or tool kit on the go.