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Alex Finberg

Nic Westermann Twca Cam - Left Handed

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Nic Westermann Twca Cam 
Handforged in Wales by Nic Westermann

Hollow Forged 65mm (Large Size)
16" English Ash Haft
Razor Sharp & Ready To Carve

About the Tool
A Nic Westermann Twca Cam for spoon carving, bowl and kuksa carving, handled on an English Ash haft with sliding box sheath. This is the large size of Twca Cam, with edge measuring 65mm diameter,  a concave inside face for ease of sharpening and a convex outside for a smoother cut. The blade is approx 18mm wide, and  approx 8mm in diameter. It has been follow forged for ease of sharpening and maintenance. 

The tool was bought directly from Nic Westermann, sheathed and handled by myself, it has never been used and is shaving sharp. This is an exceptional carving tool, one of a kind. 

Knife Safety

*This Twca Cam is extremely sharp, sharp enough to shave with! Please take care whilst handling, they take a little bit of getting used to if you haven't used one before

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