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Alex Finberg

Carve Your Own Cooking Spoon Kit

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Carve Your Own Cooking Spoon Kit
1x Mora Carving Knife
1x Mora Hook Knife RH
1x Fresh Eating Spoon Blank 

Carve Your Own Cooking Spoon Kit
Start spoon carving with this handy kit, with everything you need to make a lovely eating spoon. The box includes, 1x Mora Carving Knife, forged in Sweden these are the best all round carving knives for Spoon Carvers, 1x Mora Hook Knife (Left or Right Handed Options Available) and a freshly carved cooking spoon blank together with detailed instructions on how to carve a practical and beautiful cooking spoon 

The spoon blank is made from fresh green wood and will either be radial or tangentially split, I will make sure you get a nice well carved blank which will have plenty of material for the spoon design of your choice 

I recommend carving the spoon blank straightaway. If you would like to keep the blank longer it can be frozen in the freezer or stored in a plastic bag for a few days, beyond that it will start being overtaken by fungi! 

Dry blanks can be re-soaked in water, but it's not quite the same as carving a fresh blank!