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Alex Finberg

Lil' Mulberry Scoop ~ II

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Lil' Mulberry Scoop
Hand carved with Axe & Knife

From Mulberry Wood  
Carved in South Devon, UK 
Finished with Linseed Oil

Lil Mulberry Scoop
A handy companion to measure out teaspoon quantities. This versatile and sturdy scoop fits nicely into a jar or coffee bag if needed, or standalone as a pretty piece of wooden treen 

The scoop was handcarved from locally grown Mulberry wood 

Where Did My Scoop Grow?!
From a Mulberry tree grown near Holbeton, Devon. This was one of the most special trees to carve, a truly beautiful piece of wood with gorgeous colours and grain 

Scoop Care:
This scoop is designed to be well used - don't be afraid to use it on a daily basis! The only thing to avoid is putting it in the dishwasher, or leaving it to soak in the washing up bowl for too long

I always make sure my scoops are bone dry before putting them away in the drawer.

To give the scoop a new lease of life from time to time you can add a coat of Tung oil, flax oil, walnut oil (careful of nut allergies) or linseed oil, but this is not essential.