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Alex Finberg

Hook Knife Sharpening Kit

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Hook Knife Sharpening Kit
Contains: 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000 Grit
+ Dowel Strop & Mdf Strop  
With Fine Stropping Compound 
Perfect for sharpening all sizes of hook knife 

Hook Knife Sharpening Kit
A cheap and highly effective hook knife sharpening kit. This is the setup I use to sharpen all my hook tools and gouges. It is cost effective and the best option available. You can take a dull knife with an imperfect edge to a razor sharp carving tool with this set. 

Just remember don't rush through the grits, you should spend the longest time on 400 grit, and wait until you have a burr on the edge before moving up to higher grits! 

The kit contains 5 dowel sharpening sticks, starting with 400 grit coarse, 600, 800,1000, and 2000 grit ultra fine. Also included is a roundwood strop and flat mdf strop to remove burr and maintain a razor edge