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Alex Finberg

Basic Hook Knife Sharpening Kit

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Basic Sharpening Kit

Basic Hook Knife Sharpening Kit

  • 5x 16mm Dowel Sharpening Sticks
  • 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000 Grit High Quality Abrasives
  • 1x 16mm Hard wood dowel Strop 
  • 1x Flat MDF Strop with Fine Stropping Compound 
  • Perfect for sharpening the vast majority of hook knifes  
  • Includes step by step Hook Knife Sharpening Instructions 

Basic Hook Knife Sharpening Kit
A cheap and highly effective hook knife sharpening kit. It is cost effective and yet uses the best wet and dry abrasives and compounds available. You can take a dull knife with an imperfect edge to a razor sharp carving tool with this set. 

Kit Contents:
The kit contains 5 dowel sharpening sticks, starting with 400 grit coarse, 600, 800,1000, and 2000 grit very fine. Also included is a round hardwood strop with fine stropping compound and a flat MDF strop

If you need to restore a damaged or very blunt edge, you'll need the comprehensive sharpening kit which is perfect for restoring or re-grinding the vast majority of curved edge tools - from hook knives to adzes and curved gouges - taking them from a coarse 120 grit all the way to a highly polished 5k razor edge. 

The sharpening sticks can be refreshed with a refill pack of the highest quality wet and dry abrasives. I tend to work through the lower grits quicker, so the coarse pack is a particularly handy refill option 

The kit contains detailed step by step instructions on hook knife sharpening and how to get the most out of the kit