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Alex Finberg

Hans Karlsson Adze: 50mm (Used, Like New)

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Hans Karlsson Adze
Hand Forged in Sweden by  Hans Karlsson Klensmide AB

50mm (Medium Size)
Premium Elm Haft
Condition: Used, As New  

An adze used mainly for the hollowing of bowls, troughs and chair bottoms. From fabled Swedish tool makers Hans Karlsson Klensmide AB. I have only used this adze once, it is like new. 

In Sweden they call this a Tjackelyxa Kort Skaft The cutting edge on this adze is round, without the flat area in the middle. An adze of undoubted quality, where great attention has been paid to how tools like this work, beautifully detailed and finished. The Karlsson's have an absolute understanding of what wood craftsmen want and need from a tool.

Knife Safety

*This Adze is extremely sharp, sharp enough to shave with! Please take care whilst handling, they take a little bit of getting used to if you haven't used one before

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