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Alex Finberg

Flexcut Knife for Whittling

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Flexcut Knife for Whittling 
Made in USA by Flexcut

General Purpose Carving Knife
Ergonomic handle for good grip 

Flexcut All Purpose Knife for Whittling 
The Flexcut carving knife is a short, general purpose carving knife. Designed for everyday use, the cutting knife includes a more rounded point making it ideal for all manner of roughing work from whittling sticks to relief carving. A great beginners knife, with a short 28mm blade length. The comfortable curved handle allows for long periods of carving without fatigue.

The carbon steel is made with the same edge-holding steel as the Flexcut gouges and chisels

Tool Care
Carbon steel can be affected by moisture and corrosive environments. So make it a habit to wipe the knife and oil the blade after usage to prevent rusting and pitting

A blunt knife is an unsafe knife - keep edge tools sharp! 

Blade Thickness: 2.0mm
Blade Length: 28mm


Age Restriction (18+)

As a whittling tutor I am passionate about appropriate and safe tool use. I do not sell bladed products to anybody under the age of 18 and reserve the right to cancel any order at my own discretion.

At checkout please provide your personal details including name, address and contact details. This information is screened through Age Checked to confirm if you are over the age of 18. If you do not pass this process you will be prompted to enter additional information such as credit card details or driving license number.

It is also important to know and comply with the law regarding the carrying and use of knives (Criminal Justice Act 1988 & Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 in England and Wales).