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Alex Finberg

Eating Spoon Template ~ Gratitude Spoon

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Eating Spoon Template 
1mm PETG (Recyclable Plastic) 

Fully Recyclable 
Flexible & Durable 

Eating Spoon Template ~ Gratitude Spoon
These spoon templates are a game changer! Made from clear and durable PETG, they provide a robust and precise solution for drawing accurate spoon designs and creating a spoon design you'll be delighted with

The Gratitude spoon is a large bowled eating spoon with a short handle, designed to offer up large mouthfuls with thanks 

I have created these templates to share some of my favourite spoon designs, please feel free to use them to carve, gift and sell your spoons! 

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Recyclable 1mm PETG
PETG is similar to Perspex, but it is a more hardwearing and flexible plastic. I scoured the globe for a 1mm recycled option, but having found out I live near a plastic sheeting company who cut these templates for me from off PETG offcuts, that's as close as I can get to recycled. The templates themselves are fully recyclable  

Using your Template
The templates are designed to be drawn around with a biro or water colour pencil. I recommend drawing a centre line through your piece of wood and then drawing around the template.

For 100% accuracy draw half of the spoon and then flip the template around. There is a small amount of variability in some of the templates as they are cut by hand.