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Alex Finberg

Comprehensive Hook Knife Sharpening Kit

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Comprehensive Hook Knife Sharpening Kit

  • 1x 8mm Dowel For Small Curved Edges
  • 7x 16mm Dowel Sticks: 120, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000, 5000 Grit
  • 1x 25mm Dowel for Larger Curved Edges
  • 2 Hardwood Dowel Strops (Coarse & Fine)
  • 1 MDF Flat Strop (Fine) 
  • Includes step by step Hook Knife Sharpening Instructions 
  • Can be used on virtually all curved edge tools 
  • Restores damaged edges to razor sharp by hand

Comprehensive Hook Knife Sharpening Kit
The comprehensive sharpening kit will sharpen edges of virtually all hook tools and curved edge tools by hand. From small hook knives with tight radius' to large adzes and curved gouges

The grit size starts at 120 grit, perfect for restoring chips, dents or re-grinding edges by hand. You can go from 120 grit all the way to 5,000 grit and a highly polished edge 

Just remember don't rush through the grits, you should spend the longest time on the lowest grit, and wait until you have a burr on the edge before moving up to higher grits! 

The kit contains detailed step by step instructions on hook knife sharpening.

The sharpening sticks can be refreshed with a refill pack of the highest quality wet and dry abrasives. I tend to work through the lower grits quicker, so the coarse pack is a particularly handy refill option