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Alex Finberg

Budget Sharpening Kit

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Budget Sharpening Kit

Budget Sharpening Kit

  • 2x 10mm Acrylic Blocks
  • 2x Non Slip Mats 
  • 360 (Coarse) 1200 (Fine) High Quality Abrasive Films
  • 1x Flat MDF Strop with Fine Stropping Compound 
  • Perfect for sharpening knives, axes, chisels, & edge tools 
  • Includes step by step knife sharpening instructions 

Budget Sharpening Kit
A quality budget sharpening kit which provides the bear essentials for keeping edge tools sharp. The kit provides 1x Coarse and 1x Fine high quality abrasive films mounted on acrylic block, which are self adhesive and refillable providing a great solution for keeping tools sharp on a budget. 

You can sharpen all manner of edge tools, from carving knives, kitchen knives, axes, planes, chisels you name it. For curved tools such as hook knives and gouges, checkout my hook knife sharpening kit


From Dull & Damaged to Razor Sharp
You can take a dull knife with an imperfect edge to a sharp carving tool with this combination. 

The abrasives cut metal very well, they are made from durable and uniform Aluminium Oxide resin-bonded abrasive film which stand up to many cycles of rigorous sharpening and can simply be lubricated with water

Once the abrasives wear out they peel off and can be refilled. Checkout the drop down menu for refills

You can of course buy multiple abrasive sheets (e.g 360, 600, 800, 1200, 2500) and stick them to the blocks, however once unstuck from the acrylic block, they will lose their stickyness! You can manage this by sticking them to grease proof paper when not in use. Buying a can of 3M Adhesive Mounting Spray to stick them on is advisable and if within I would recommend the basic sharpening kit

With the basic sharpening kit as you get a full range of abrasives from Coarse 360, 600, 800, 1200, 2500 - which provides a comprehensive sharpening setup at at a fraction of the cost of buying a full set of diamond stones.

The kit contains detailed step by step instructions on sharpening and how to get the most from your kit