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Alex Finberg

Billet Box: Cherry

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Pack of 3 Eating Spoon Sized Billets 
Sourced from locally grown sustainably sourced trees
Billets are fresh (felled within last 3-6 months)
Will arrive fresh ready to carve 

Billet Boxes
I am pleased to now offer a billet box service - billets are split pieces of fresh wood designed for spoon carving. The pack contains 3 eating spoon size billets ready to carve 

The billets are from fresh cherry and will either be radial or tangentially split, I will make sure you get nice straight (ish!) blanks which will have plenty of material for the spoon design of your choice 

The maximum I can send is 3 billets in one box due to weight restrictions. If you would like more than 3 please order twice (you will be charged twice for shipping however as I am using Royal Mail small parcel postage only at present) 

I recommend carving the billets straightaway. They will be best kept fresh in the bag they came in outside in a shed or out of direct sunlight in the coolest place possible 

If you would like to keep them longer they can be frozen in the freezer!