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Alex Finberg

1x Cooking Spoon Blank - Carve your Own!

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Pack of 1 cooking spoon blank
Sourced from locally grown sustainably sourced trees
Available wood varies, I usually have Beech, Cherry or Sycamore 
Carved in South Devon, UK with Axe & Knife
Will arrive bagged and fresh ready to carve 

Cooking spoon blanks:
Cooking spoon blanks axed out and ready to carve with a knife and hook knife. 

*The spoon blanks you receive will be the same shape as in the photo but the wood selection may well vary

I usually have Beech, Sycamore or Cherry ready to carve, but if you would like a particular wood feel free to get in touch and I can potentially source alternatives

The spoons will be dispatched as soon as I can carve them (usually within 5 days) in a bag sealed for freshness. You can order as many as you like, just add more to your basket and I'll pack and send them all together. 

I recommend carving them straightaway. They will be best kept fresh in the bag they came in outside in a shed or out of direct sunlight in the coolest place possible 

I recommend carving them within a couple of weeks of receiving them. If you would like to keep them longer they can be frozen in the freezer!