Whittling for Wellbeing @The Woodland Presents

Whittling for Wellbeing @The Woodland Presents

The therapeutic benefits of whittling are something of a no brainer and so I am really delighted to be partnering with The Woodland Presents @woodlab in Dartington to provide a host of whittling for wellbeing and spoon carving for wellbeing workshops this Autumn and Winter.

Here's what The Woodland Presents have to say about their Woods for Wellness programme: 

Since 2020 we are coordinating a suite of organisations and independent health practitioners to offer a wide range of holistic therapies... We’ve created our very own local ‘woodland wellbeing services’, hosting free and subsidised community workshops to help those who are experiencing emotional hardships. We have partnered with some wonderful local facilitators who help guide these services, and so far have run approximately 276 sessions aiding over 5000 people.

Checkout the Woods for Wellness Project at the Woodland Presents for a range of wonderful activities for mental health and wellbeing:


Book your place on Spoon Carving for Wellbeing and Whittling for Wellbeing 

The workshops will be 2.5 hour sessions aimed at entry level and experienced carvers with a focus on nurturing the therapeutic aspects of whittling and spoon carving through a range of mindful whittling exercises in beautiful woodland surroundings 

The sessions will run on Mondays in the AM and PM at the Glade on the Dartington estate, children are also welcome aged 8+. 

The workshops are for anyone who feels they would benefit and are also being offered as social prescribing from GPs and local mental health services. The Woodland Presents have partially subsidized these workshops and as such they are offered on a pay what you can basis with a suggested donation of £5 to £10

I very much look forward to whittling in the woods again!

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