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The Spooncrank: Proud to Belong

I'm proud member to be a member of The Spooncrank - its a vibrant online community that brings together spoon carvers, tool makers providing an outlet for makers to sell their work and a quality online shop for folks to buy spoon blanks, spoons, tools and more.

Spooncrank also offers a platform for sharing knowledge, celebrating our creations, and supporting one another as makers. 

Spoon Blanks from the Spoon Crank

Spoon Blanks

I'm often asked by students where can I get Spoon blanks? Look no further, Spooncrank offers the opportunity to buy fresh green wood spoon blanks from experienced spoon carvers. The #carverswithoutborders initiative means you can buy spoon designs from your favourite carvers around the world, and a carver most local to you will carve and ship them to you

Alex Finberg Spoons The Spoon Crank


Checkout the fabulous variety of spoons available from some top international spoon carvers, it is truly inspiring. It really means a lot when folks support our craft. If you enjoy carving spoons buying a hand-carved spoon really provides not only joy but a great opportunity to learn from other carvers, it is fascinating how much variation and creativity there exists in a simple spoon! 


Spooncrank also has a great tool shop, it can be hard to locate good tools when starting out. The platform brings together a talented array of independent tool makers selling dedicated carving tools, checkout the Tool Shop here

Personally, Spooncrank has become a space where I can showcase my work, receive constructive feedback, and witness the incredible diversity of styles and designs that spoon carvers from around the world produce.

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