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52 Weeks, 52 Spoons Challenge

52 Weeks / 52 Spoons Challenge
2022 will see me start a 52 spoon challenge, carving a spoon a week for a year. 

A spoon a week is actually a very manageable amount of spoon carving, I tend to carve half a dozen or more spoons a week, but the challenge lies in the detail. I will be carving the exact same shape of spoon over and over, week in week out. 

The idea is to narrow my parameters of shape and form down so that creative expression can be subtly articulated through designs and finishes - in other words, I want to carve some special spoons, hoping for a subtle evolution of the shape and form of my favourite eating spoon 

I have been getting restless with my carving and I'm keen to chase a creative frontier of dare I say it - beauty - quietly hoping that through this repetition I will be forced to go beyond the safe parameters of carving into an exploration of my soul, and into the soul of the world. 

Big words, now lets see what this year brings


Here are my guidelines:
Each spoon must be unique (but carved from the same template) 

- To explore a variety of woods, forms and finishes

- To push my learning edge

- To encourage creative expression